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There has to be a better way
In 2006, that simple statement lead to the creation of the PaceTat. Invented by Graham Henshaw, PaceTat was the creative solution to the challenge of conveniently keeping track of your pace while running. Recognizing the need for creative products in the active market, Graham launched Active Innovation Group, LLC in order to offer PaceTat to runners everywhere.
In February 2010, PaceTat was acquired by Yankz! based in Atlanta, Georgia.

A pesky problem for so many runners
Anyone who has run a long distance knows that pacing yourself is critical to finishing within your goal time. A marathoner himself, Graham had tried using pace bracelets to keep him on pace. The bracelet's short comings were an annoyance in every marathon, but it wasn't until the 2006 Chicago Marathon, when Graham was a spectator, that the need for a better solution became clear. While patiently waiting to cheer for his wife, Graham saw hundreds of runners struggling with the bracelets - fumbling to spin them around and squinting to read the tiny numbers. He even saw a few creative runners who opted to write their splits with Sharpie markers on their arms. The gears began turning and by the end of the race, the idea for PaceTat had been born. "Way to go wife!" at the finish line was closely followed by "wait 'till you hear this idea!"

Sticky prototypes and Guinea pigs
The goal of Yankz! PaceTat was to create a pacing tool that was quick-and-easy to use and most importantly, comfortable while running. Knowing that many runners would not want yet another gadget attached to their wrists or hanging from their waistbands, Yankz! PaceTat was kept simple. After countless batches of sticky prototypes and with the help of a few willing Chicago Endurance Sports volunteers, PaceTat-the new way to stick to your pace, became a reality . While testing the final prototypes in Chicago's Shamrock Shuffle, many other runners began asking where they could find this new pacing tool. It was clear that runners were in need of Yank! PaceTat.

Bringing PaceTat to the people
Yankz! PaceTat was released in the spring of 2007 through a blitz of marathon expos around the country. Runners everywhere were thrilled to have a new and better way to stay on pace. By the end of the 2007 race season, over 70,000 people had used Yankz! PaceTat to help achieve their running goals.