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Yankz! PaceTat.com Affiliate Program
Yankz! PaceTat is a tool that has helped thousands of runners acheive their running goals.  Our affiliate program was created to reward the many sites and blogs that let other runners know about PaceTat.  Become a member of the Yankz! PaceTat Affiliate Program to start earning money for all your referrals. By referring a customer to PaceTat.com via your website, blog, email blast, or tweet, you will receive 10% commission on their purchase.

It's Easy!
As an Affiliate, simply use a Yankz! PaceTat link, provided through our online affiliate system, to refer your vistitors to PaceTat.com.  When a purchase is made on www.PaceTat.com as a result of one of your links, you earn a 10% commission.  Once you've referred a customer to our site, your job is done!  Our system will automatically track your referals and commissions.


No - our affiliate program is absolutely free to join and won't cost you anything while you participate. In fact, we'll be paying you!

Any blog or website is welcome to apply to our program. All applications will be reviewed and accepted at our discretion.

As an approved Yankz! PaceTat affiliate you will have a unique affiliate ID that will be associated with the marketing materials we provide to you through our online affiliate system.  Links, banners, etc. will be available for you to quickly select and post on your site.  When a visitor to your site clicks on one of the links and makes a purchase at Yankz! PaceTat.com, that transaction will be tracked by our system and you'll earn a commission.  We use a 30-day cookie to track these transactions which means that if a customer orders within 30 days of linking to Yankz! PaceTat.com from your site, you will get a commission for that sale.  Logging in to our online affiliate system will allow you to see the commissions and traffic your site has generated.  You will be given access to our online affiliate system after you sign up for the Yankz! PaceTat Affiliate Program and your website is approved.

You earn a 10% commission each time a visitor to your site clicks on one of your Yankz! PaceTat links and makes a purchase at our site.  We'll send you a check or pay through PayPal each quarter when your account balance is $5.00 or more.  Race affiliates will receive payment for their earned commissions directly following the event.